Are you Ready?
I grew up thinking that Christian drama was cheesy. The more scripts I read for my youth group drama team, the more I thought they lacked inspiration, creativity and excellence.
Then I saw a drama team at a Disciple Now. They brought Scripture to life! And it wasn't cheesy! They played real characters with real struggles. I laughed...I cried...I connected.
Through Dramatic Encounter your congregation will connect with real characters that are experiencing the same life struggles they are. More than that, your congregation will encounter God. The characters presented are everyday people, just like you. They face very real and very difficult situations. Some are funny, silly and carefree; others are hurting, confused and desperate. All of them are searching for more in this life.
If you're ready to join in the search, then you're ready for an encounter you, and your congregation, will never forget. I can't wait to meet you along the journey.