“The Thread”
Written by Geoff Kohler

One of the fundamentally human questions posed to Jesus was “What is truth?” and this dramatic piece explores our limitations and abilities to discover and take hold of the answer to that question. You are invited to join seven characters as they explore the maze, the conflict, the intensity, the hopefulness and the joy of the quest for truth that underlies most of our days. What do you hang onto that helps you get through?

Time: Approx. 45 minutes

Great for: Church wide event, community outreach, youth

Target audience: 13ys through adult

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“Grace's Cafe”
Written by Geoff Kohler

Come on in, have a seat and sip a cup of coffee--Grace is always around, and she loves to serve. Enjoy meeting the regulars and allow your heart to be moved as you listen to how Grace changed their lives.

Time: Approx. 60 minutes

Great for: Church wide event, community outreach, adult, young adult, singles, youth

Target audience: 13ys through adult

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“Worthy is the Lamb”
Written by Emory Colvin

Featuring The Jeff Capps Band*

What would happen if worshippers spent an evening focusing on the worthiness of Christ? Join us as we journey to a deeper understanding of Jesus through insightful drama and moving music.

From the Incarnation to the Passion, Son of Man to the Lamb seated on the Throne... as we see Jesus, may our hearts cry out, "Worthy is the Lamb!"

Two formats: 45 min | 90 min

Great for: stand alone event, event supplement, church-wide, community, youth

Target audience: 13yrs through adult

*Bands may vary due to availability

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“Truth” A Disciple Now Weekend
Presented by Dramatic Encounter, Featuring speaker Brian Richards

A DiscipleNow weekend for grades 7-12 based on The Thread and focused on answering the questions, "What is Truth?" and "How do I live it out?" Students will experience an interactive and creative presentation featuring drama and dynamic messages.

Time: Friday night, Saturday

Great for: Youth, Retreat

Target audience: Grades 7-12

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Dramatic Encounter also has various sketches available for Student, Women's and Congregational events. For more information about original sketches for a Disciple Now or Retreat please contact Dramatic Encounter here.

Sketches Include:

  • Promises of God (8 minutes): Promises are made and broken day in and day out; however, God makes promises that endure forever. May the Holy Spirit speak to you through the promises of God.
  • Worthy of Glory (6 minutes): This sketch focuses on how Worthy our great God is by exploring His character in Philippians 2:1-11 and then exploring His worthiness from Creation to Resurrection. 

Dramatic Encounter is also available for conference seminars, video work and emcee/hosting of events. Please contact us regarding a list of seminar topics.

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