Read what people have to say about the ministry of Dramatic Encounter!

About Dramatic Encounter:

"So here's the bottom line. Why bother with booking Dramatic Encounter? Because some things can't be said. They can only be seen. It has been said that talk is cheap. Dramatic Encounter is not words. It is real life, put right in front of you. And people don't need to hear about life. They need to experience it. I have experienced life as seen through Dramatic Encounter, and I assure you, I will experience it again."

Aaron Tucker
Minister to Students
First Baptist Church Philadelphia, MS

“What your church will experience with Emory’s ministry is the art and the heart of truth presented in such a way that people dramatically encounter the heart of God.”

David Edwards
Speaker / Author

“It has been my privilege to have Emory Colvin come on more than one occasion to present the Good News in amazing, creative methods. She has a desire for God, a heart for kids, and a passion to make God known in ways that shake us out of the ordinary. Having been in student ministry for over two decades, I find it refreshing to bring in someone who is the “real deal”—eminently talented, yet very approachable and more than willing to visit, listen, and minister to those whom she meets. The “Worthy Is the Lamb” worship event, and “the Thread” dramatic presentation were amazing “dramatic encounters” with God! You will be blessed by Emory’s message and ministry.

Roger Bell
Student Minister
Coosada Baptist Church, Coosada, AL

“I am amazed by her talent, depth of insight, and single-minded focus. Her passion is to proclaim God’s grace to the world using images and words that leave an indelible imprint on the soul.”

Matt Tullos
Bluegrass Baptist Church
Hendersonville, TN


“I have watched Emory minister to many different types of people in a variety of settings.  Her outstanding versatility is one of her greatest strengths.  She has a unique ability to connect with her audience, allowing her "characters" to come to life and infuse their emotions into the viewer. Her powerful dramas have made me laugh and cry over and over.  Excellence and professionalism are two words that perfectly describe Emory.  She is a delight to work with both in front of and behind the scenes.  Adapting to any ministry setting, Emory does a top-notch job of emceeing, performing, and ministering, adjusting her work to meet the needs of the conference leader.  She is sensitive, creative and desires to serve the Lord with her whole heart.

Betsy Langmade
Women’s Event Project Coordinator
LifeWay Christian Resources
Nashville, TN


About Grace's Cafe:

“Emory Colvin transformed herself into the various characters that frequent a place called, “Grace’s Café.”  I started to call it an imaginary place, but I truly hope it is not—in her unique and creative way, Emory showed a room full of youth ministers and leaders how the redemptive message of the Gospel can be played out in everyday life.  The narrative image of each character (all played by Ms. Colvin!), left us thinking of someone we know who needs a serving of compassion at “Grace’s Café” and challenged to be the server who puts it on the table."

Dr. Allen Jackson
Director, Youth Ministry Institute
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

About The Thread:

"This is not a play. It is an experience. All assumptions about a stage, an actress, props, and drama are quickly lost as you feel in your gut the lives you are witnessing. It feels intimate -- as if you shouldn't be listening in on these lives -- but you can't tear yourself away. And then, as it progresses, you see God, in glimpses at first but soon in sweeping vistas. And you realize that He has been there the whole time. You realize that this experience is about much more than the characters or the story. It is about God. God and real life."

Aaron Tucker
Minister to Students
First Baptist Church Philadelphia, MS

“You illustrated how, if we are open, God can use even the little things to accomplish His work.”

Linda L.
Audience Member

The Thread was excellent. The very first lines had me because I’ve been praying about living in and out the “Truth.” As it unfolded in your excellent portrayal of the different characters and their pain and yearnings it kept me guessing and wondering. I loved it—I want more!:

Lauren R.
Audience Member