Dramatic Encounter

What is Dramatic Encounter?

Dramatic Encounter is a dramatic arts ministry that desires to effectively communicate Biblical truth in dramatic form. This ministry was borne out of the heart of Dramatic Encounter’s founder and principal performer, Emory Colvin.

What does Dramatic Encounter Do?


• Creates identification by helping the audience see themselves in the characters.

• Helps satisfy the desire within all of us to be understood, even the secret parts of who we are.

• Is people revealing their hidden parts, enabling us all to understand better the human condition. It creates a beginning place for the Holy Spirit to work in people's lives.

Stephen Pederson, Drama Director, Willow Creek Community Church, South Barrington, IL

Dramatic Encounter seeks to be the catalyst that creates that identification, satisfies that desire to be understood and bring to light the hidden parts of us that will help us to understand each other better. Through words and imagery we pray that people will dramatically encounter Christ.

Emory's dramatic portrayals can be used in church worship services, camps, retreats, Disciple Now events, conferencecs, dinner theatres, and colleges.

Emory is also available for drama workshops. Whether your drama group needs a starter course or a quick tune-up in the finer points of pronunciation, articulation, concentration, and character development, Emory can provide training workshops tailored to your needs.

What People are saying about Dramatic Encounter:

"I have seen the way Emory gets inside characters and makes them come to life, and it is eye opening! Dramatic Encounter will fill a void in Christian ministry that has lain vacant for years. I encourage you to use this unique, fresh tool in your own ministry or church." Stacie Smith, audience member

“I so enjoyed your Drama at the Opelousas Bible Church...It was a Joy and honor to watch you in action, you are so Blessed with talent.” Gwen T., audience member

“You illustrated how, if we are open, God can use even the little things to accomplish His work.” Linda L., audience member